Skapa pengar för människorna istället för finansmarknaderna?

Petition: Create money for people, not financial markets!

The Bank of England has announced that it will create £70bn of new money through its quantitative easing programme. Instead of using the £70bn to flood financial markets, the Bank of England should spend it on things which support investment, jobs and people’s incomes. Have a look and sign it too.



Hillary som president? Trump? Är detta ett skämt?

Government could be AWESOME! It just has to be controlled by the right people. And today’s world is run by sociopaths and psychopaths, directly and indirectly by the government. Government should be ALL of us, and it should represent us, but it does represent money and money is controlled by ”secret” people with huge influence because of it.

– Inte Trump, Inte Hillary, eller någon annan som inte förstår pengaskapandet.